Thursday, 6 February 2014

David Allen Wizardgold - Artist, Writer, Photographer and Video Maker

Video Tutorials

David Allen Wizardgold has made many video tutorials showing Mac and iOS users how to get the best from their devices and the applications they they run on them. David now also does the tutorials for Android applications.


David Allen Wizardgold is a keen photographer who has sold photos through Fotolia. Now he does the photography for fun and recognition and post images on Google+ which also filter through to Facebook and Flickr when posted publicly on G+. David uses the name of Spondicious for most of the photographic interests.


David Allen Wizardgold is a committed tech blogger and writer. He has written one novel as part of NaNoWriMo which one day may get a rewrite and inflicted on the general populace. He has another novel started and is also working on non fiction tech based books. He loves writing and can really get into the zone pushing out the words with Dragon Dictate because it is the only way to keep up with the thought process and the ideas.

Web Sites


Atheism is close to the heart of David Allen Wizardgold and he will gladly provide material on the social networks that he sees and an antidote to the ubiquity of religion in society. Religion causes more harm in the world than good and has to be stood up against so that free and critical thinking can prosper.


Education is something that David Allen Wizardgold is interested in after spending a few years as an art teacher. He still does the occasional foray into education. The latest has been in a school in Banyoles as an English teacher and also in the school of Hosteleria in Girona. 

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